At C3-Corporate Culture Consulting we help create corporate Culture-Driven People and Companies:

Our vision is to stimulate real and lasting corporate culture change by instilling values and behaviors, which create organizations where people feel valued.

We consult with leaders on mergers and acquisitions, changing corporate culture, working with different generations, training your leaders and people on culture, etc.

We also help answer the question:

“What is corporate culture and why should you start with it?”

  • Win their hearts before conquering their minds.
  • Provide lasting behavioral change rather than fleeting/temporary knowledge.
  • Favor experience and “show-how” over discussion “know-how.”
  • Develop behaviors instead of conceptualizing models and strategies.
  • Help participants see their own strengths and weaknesses, rather than entertain.
  • Inspire people to act where others argue a point.
  • Use participants own examples rather than cleverly crafted “Harvard Cases.”
  • Build on strengths rather than highlight gaps.
  • Create an auto-coaching ability in our participants.
  • Ask, rather than tell: assist discovery rather than “sell solutions.”
  • Coach people to better performance instead of bombarding them with slides.
  • Prefer the practical and the day-to-day over the academic/intellectual exercises.
  • Train by letting people actively experience rather than just passively listening.
  • Equip people to deal with issues rather than just acknowledging their problems.
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